The Bikelocker is a robust and weatherproof solution for storing a single bike and accessories. Its compact and efficient design enables you to store your bike vertically on the back wheel, freeing up valuable space. Inside the locker is an easy access guide ramp and a wheel retaining clamp.

How to use the Bikelocker? Open the door, then lift and push the bike into the wide guide rail. When the bike hits the back, the wheel retaining hook drops down and clamps the bike into place. You can hang your helmet and bags on the hooks inside the bike locker. Close and lock the tough, pick resistant lock.

We recommended you insure your bike and register it with a national database when storing it anywhere, even in a robust Bikelocker. Make sure you check your individual insurance policy terms and conditions to be sure you are covered.


  • Robust, weatherproof construction
  • Tough three point locking system
  • Large easy access door
  • Holds one bike and equipment
  • Bolts to ground
  • Made in Britain


  • Internal Measurements: (H) 1980mm x (D) 1060mm x (W) 795mm
  • External Measurements: (H) 1990mm X (W) 800mm X (D) 1100mm

Please note: Check your bicycle fits within the maximum dimensions (H) 1980mm x (D) 1060mm x (W) 795mm to ensure it fits safely inside the Bikelocker.