London Borough of Southwark

Tell us a little about yourself

I'm based in Southwark

What do you use your bike for?

I am mainly a commuting cyclist, I use my Brompton to get to the station but when I can I try to do longer leisure rides. It’s always great getting out of London into the countryside.

What do you love about cycling?

I took up cycling a few years ago. I was driving 2 miles to work and decided to try cycling so bought a cheap bike as part of cycle2work from Halfords. I was totally unfit and found cycling really hard, I was always overjoyed when I reached a red light so I could have a rest. I arrived at work very red and sweaty! However, over time I got faster and less tired. I stopped being the last cyclist in the queue and going up hills became easier. More than anything, I loved that I was using my own power to get about. It sounds obvious, but as someone who drove everywhere and is not a natural athlete it felt amazing. Cycling is great because it isn’t really exercise, it’s a mode of transport.

Where did you store your bicycle before you had a Bikehangar?

My bike was squeezed into my shed, and it was really hard to get it out as it always got caught on various bits of stuff or the peddle would knock something over as I pulled it out.

Tell us why you love your Bikehangar?

It makes getting my bike out much easier! There is also more space in my shed for all the stuff I don’t get around to chucking out.

What is your top tip for getting one on your street?

Try to think like the council, identify all the things they are likely to object to and come up with  solutions. Then be really persistent. Councils are not the easiest organisations to deal with and you need to keep at it to be successful.