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How to get a Bikehangar on your street

Most London Councils and several city councils around the UK are supportive in principle of Bikehangar cycle parking for residential streets and housing estates. Also, there are various sources of funding which councils can access to purchase cycle parking. Unfortunately, there can be barriers to rolling out the scheme, including;

1. Lack of evidence of demand in any one location

2. Neighbours responding negatively to on-street consultations

3. Lack of suitable space on the highway

7 Things you can do Today!

1. Tell us here where on your street you’d like a Bikehangar to be installed

2. Email  your council to ask for a Bikehangar on your street – confirming if you are willing for it to be installed outside your house

3. Email your 3 local councillors to ask for a Bikehangar on your street

4. Promote Bikehangars on Facebook & Twitter – you can also use this as way to publicly lobby your council and councillors

5. Raise awareness of Bikehagars in your local area with posters, postcards and biketags (see below)

6. Sign up for email notifications from your council (via council website homepage) to receive news of Bikehangar consultations in your borough

7. Ask other members of your household and neighbours to do all of the above

Useful Facts

1. A Bikehangar stores six bikes within the space of half of a car parking bay

2. Most Bikehangars are purchased by councils, who subcontract the customer service (waiting lists & lettings) to Cyclehoop

3. The annual charge to rent a bike parking space in a council owned Bikehangar is £72 (or less if council subsidised)

4. A single Bikehangar costs at £3,250 + VAT and can be purchased by housing associations or individual residents for use on private property

5. The Bikehangar is designed to be unobtrusive, it is smaller than a mini cooper car & can be produced in custom colours

We hope this helps you to increase your chances of getting a Bikehangar cycle parking space close to work/home.

In the meantime, we recommend you look at our map of council owned Bikehangars, to see if there’s one within a walk-able distance of your work/home which you can rent out or get yourself on the waiting list for.

Good luck and do let us know if you would like us to post you any flyers or posters (above) and how many you would like of each.