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What type of cycle parking is available?

BikehangarThis award-winning shelter stores up to six bikes and occupies only half of a parking space. Dimensions: (L) 2250mm x (H) 1365mm x (D) 2030mm.

Bikelocker – This secure locker enables you to store your bike vertically and features an easy access guide ramp and a wheel clamp for stability.

Cycle Parks – Our Cycle Parks feature cycle parking for bikes of all shapes and sizes as well as on site repair facilities.

How do they get installed?

The units are purchased by the council, who decide where they can be installed in the area. Cyclehoop are a supplier and advise on where they can be installed but the final decision is made by the council.

How are they managed?

Our Rentals Team manage the users within our Bikehangars and Bikelockers.

They will allocate a space once it has become available. They will then liaise directly with the user to ensure they have paid their annual subscription and will send them a key to their Bikehangar or Bikelocker as well as a welcome pack outlining how to use the unit.

How do I get a space in a Bikehangar/Bikelocker?

You can search for a space by visiting: FIND A SPACE to check if one is near.

How are spaces allocated?

Spaces within the Bikehangar/Bikelockers are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

What do I do if a Bikehangar/Bikelocker is full?

If the Bikehangar/Bikelocker that you want is full, you need to apply to the waiting list, then visit SUGGEST A LOCATION to suggest a new location for a unit in your area. Once a space becomes available, our team will be in touch to allocate you a space.

What’s the process of getting a Bikehangar/Bikelocker?

The units are purchased by the council, who decide where they can be installed in the area. If you would like more information on this process or if you would like to get more cycle parking in your area, please visit SUGGEST A LOCATION to find out more.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your subscription is easy. Please put your key(s) in a padded envelope and include this downloadable  Key Return Form.

Please return the keys to:

Rentals Manager, Cyclehoop Ltd
Unit 1 Burnham Way
Kangley Bridge Road
London SE26 5AG

Once your keys are received and processed, we will cancel your subscription and refund your key deposit.

Please note:

Cyclehoop are not responsible for keys that have been lost in the post. To ensure they arrive safely, we recommend posting them by recorded delivery.

If payment is taken before the account is cancelled, Cyclehoop will refund the full amount as long as the cancellation is within the subscription year, with a grace period of 1 week after the renewal date.

If you do not return the key to us or if you pass the key to another person, you will automatically forfeit your key deposit and no monies will be returned to you.

How much does it cost?

The annual charge for a Bikehangar is £72 with a refundable key deposit of £25. The rental charge can be cheaper if subsidised by councils.

A Bikelocker space starts from £20, rising to £30 after the first year, with a refundable key deposit of £20. The rental charge can be cheaper if subsidised by councils.

For more information about Finsbury Park Cycle Park visit:

Will my bike fit into the Bikehangar?

Most bikes fit inside the Bikehangar, however it is not recommended for cargo bikes and some accessories such as child seats. If your bike does not fit, you have 28 days to return the keys for a full refund.

Will my bike fit inside the Bikelocker?

To ensure your bike fits safely inside the Bikelocker, check it fits inside the internal measurements: (H) 1980mm x (D) 1060mm x (W) 795mm.

How many spaces can I hire?

In areas with a high demand, only one space per household will be allocated. In other areas, a maximum of two spaces will be allocated per household. In the event of a subscriber accidentally paying for more than two spaces, they will be automatically refunded on the associated card, minus any transaction fees.

Which space should I use inside the Bikehangar?

Please only use the space you were allocated in your welcome email. These will be clearly marked above each space by the letters A,B,C,D,E or F.

What happens if I lose my key?

In the event that you lose your key, please contact us immediately.

Replacement keys cost £25 for a Bikehangar key and £20 for a Bikelocker key which must be paid for in advance.

Replacement keys have a lead time of three working weeks and you will receive them at the postal address on your account.

This a separate charge and you cannot use your original key deposit to cover the cost of your replacement key. Your original key deposit will be refunded upon receipt of the key at the end of your subscription only.  

Please note: passing your keys on to another resident is a violation of our terms and conditions. This sabotages our fair waiting list system as well as putting the safety of other users at risk. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate cancellation of the subscription as well as a lifetime ban from using the service.

Who is responsible for my bike?

As per our Bike Theft Policy, your bike is left at your own risk. Cyclehoop and the council are not responsible for the loss, damage and theft of bicycles, locks or other items stored in the units.

Do you provide insurance?

Cyclehoop have partnered with Bikmo, who provide bike insurance. Bikmo are the only cycle insurer who recognise Bikehangars as a suitable long-term cycle parking option for people living nearby.

Visit for more information and to get a quick quote or use BIKEHANGAR to claim your 10% discount before 30th June 2018

Who maintains the units?

Our maintenance team cleans and services the Bikehangars/Bikelockers twice a year. If you see any serious damage to the unit please report it immediately by calling 0208 699 1338 or email


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