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  • When entering your details, please ensure that you use one email address and phone number.
  • Your secure payment will be made through Stripe.
  • Your subscription will be automatically renewed every year, so please ensure your card details are up to date on your account.
  • Once your payment is received, your key(s) will be with you within 7 working days.
  • Please provide a safe postal address.
  • Cyclehoop cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged key(s).
  • If you have an issue accessing or using the hangar/locker, please notify us within 5 working days upon receiving your key(s).
  • If you cancel your subscription before the end of the annual subscription, you will not be issued with a refund for the remaining subscription period.
  • Refunds are only issued for key deposit(s) upon reception of the key(s) in good condition.
  • RULE #1

    Please stick to your allocated space, as only one bike per space is permitted. Do not store extra bikes or equipment in the Bikehangar/Bikelocker.
  • RULE #2

    Your bike is left at your own risk. Cyclehoop are not responsible for the loss, damage and theft of bicycles, locks or other items stored in the units.
    Please ensure that you lock both the frame and the wheels to the rack inside the Bikehangar/Bikelocker. We recommend you use a good quality Sold Secure rated D-lock and a robust chain.
  • RULE #3

    Cyclehoop do not provide insurance and we advise users to check with their insurance provider. If your home insurance does not cover bike theft/damage, we advise you subscribe to a specialised cycle insurance scheme.
  • RULE #4

    Please remember to lock the Bikehangar/Bikelocker and to keep it clean and tidy. You are responsible for reporting any damages.
  • RULE #5

    Cyclehoop allocate one key per space within the Bikehangar/Bikelocker. Do not pass your key to another user.
  • RULE #6

    During the checkout process, you must provide full details and description of your bike. Please update us if any of these details change.
  • RULE #7

    Happy cycling! 🙂
Abuse of any of the rules listed above may result in cancellation of your subscription and the removal of your bike. You must agree to our rules and service agreement to continue.

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You are not authorised to use this payment portal unless you have been offered a space by our team.

As Cyclehoop Rentals operates on a waiting list method, the unauthorised use of payment portals delays this and will result in longer waiting times as well as the cancellation of cycle parking spaces.