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Cyclehoop Insurance Advice

To help save you save time and money, we’ve teamed up with Bikmo bicycle insurance who can offer bespoke cycle insurance to Cyclehoop customers.

Bikmo now recognises our Bikehangars as an acceptable way to store your bikes. With a Bikmo policy – providing your bikes are locked in accordance with their locking requirements and your Cyclehoop space is within 500m from your house, you will be insured for accidental damage, theft and vandalism whenever your bike is parked in our Bikehangars*.

You will also get the full package of Bikmo cover for you and your bikes(s) including £2m public liability, £20k personal accident and cover for your clothing and accessories as standard.

Bikmo was voted Cycle Insurer of the Year 2016 in the Smarter Choice awards, they’re underwritten by Hiscox, and get rave reviews – check them out here

Introductory offer

10% off your Bikmo policy (this offer ends 30th September 2017)


If you have insurance through your home policy, or cycle specific insurance, you should check whether the Bikehangar meets the criteria or definitions for the cover. If so, great, and as long as you make sure you’re following the policy requirements then you should be covered in case anything happens.

We’ve noticed that most insurers will view our Bikehangars as ‘away from home’ which will usually affect the type of cover you have and may impose restrictions such as how many hours you can leave your bikes parked unattended, before you become uninsured.

We recommend you speak to your insurer and make sure you have confirmation of acceptance in writing, or in the form of an endorsement on your policy.

*This page is provided for guidance only, and as with any insurance you should check the
details to make sure it is right for you.
Bikmo is a trading style of 45north Ltd, a UK company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ref: 745230.